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There is nothing worse than sitting around and thinking about how tough things are and how slowly time is passing you by. Sometimes people just need some motivation to get up and get out of their funk. This is the reason for the Box of Motivation.

My husband is always talking about how he wants to get into better shape and be healthier. Well I felt like this was the perfect opportunity. There is no better time to change some habits than when you have nothing to do and when you are forced to eat disgusting deployment food.

Included in This Package:

Box Cover:

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Protein Shake Pouches

My husbands favorite protein shakes are GNC Lean Shakes. They have 25 grams of high quality protein. The thing I like about the Lean Shakes is that they come in individual packages which makes it easy for my husband to mix. He as doesn’t have to worry about measuring out protein powder because each portion is already measured for him.

Protein Bars

My husbands favorite Protein Bars are Cliff Bars. Builder Bars 20g of protein, vitamins and minerals, and carbohydrates for sustained energy. They never contain artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or trans fats. I don’t eat these bars because they are not gluten free, but if I can get my husband to eat something healthier that is a bonus.

Blender Bottle

The Blender Bottle is my favorite way to mix up sports drinks. The stainless steel BlenderBall whips around inside the bottle, mixing your drinks to a smooth consistency, every time. All the bottles are BPA free and Odor resistant. Every once in awhile, you just a replacement. I bought my husband the new Sports Mix Blender Bottle, Its sleek new design allows it to function as a water bottle as well. I also came across GoStaks. GoStaks are durable jars that secure tightly together to carry powders, vitamins, supplements, snacks, and more.

Fat Burner

I personally do not use fat burners in my own health care regimen, however, my husband uses Cellucor’s fat burner to help him feel full and energized. Knowing that he likes this particular fat burner, I included it in this package.

Handwritten Letter

I included a handwritten letter to my hubby trying to encourage him to make the most  of this situation. I also tried to encourage him to stay busy so that time passed by faster.

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Nominate an Unstoppable Mom

I came across this contest today on Live with Kelly and Michael that I wanted to share with your all.

The Unstoppable Mom Contest

Do you know a mom who goes about and beyond for her family? Nominate her today to win $100,000.

All entries must be enter by February 7, 2014. Go to Live with Kelly and Michael to see complete contest details.


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Traveling with Kids: Williams, AZ

Where we have been

If you want to create a memorable experience for your family, you must pay a visit to Williams, AZ. Williams is located along Route 66 and is an hours drive from the Grand Canyon. This quaint little town is rich in history and is full of charm. In case you didn’t know, my husband and I are full time RVers. Most people think we are crazy when we tell them, but with my husband being in the Navy it has been one of the best stress reducing decisions we have made. For more on that story click on the image below.

Now that you know our background, I welcome you to Williams, Arizona.


The Grand Canyon Railroad

On our visit to Williams, we took a journey on The Grand Canyon Railway. The Grand Canyon Railway creates a real life Wild West train experience.

DSC_0008 DSC_0007DSC_0005DSC_0025

Before the train departed the station, we attended the Wild West show that set the theme for the ride.  The journey to the Grand Canyon Railway departs at 9:30 from Williams and takes the 2 hour journey to the Grand Canyon. Once at the Canyon, we got out and explored the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The train departs the grand Canyon at 3:30 p.m. and arrives at the Depot in Williams at 5:30 p.m.

DSC_0205 DSC_0012DSC_0027

Grand Canyon Railway

The whole train experience was amazing! We learned so much from the friendly, knowledgeable and gracious staff. The train ride was entertaining and informative. Even though it takes about an hour longer to get to the Grand Canyon by train, it was a once in a lifetime experience that my children will always remember.

Route 66


Get your kicks on Route 66.

Our first night in Williams, we ate at a restaurant called Cruiser’s Cafe. Cruiser’s is a 50’s and 60’s style diner. Their outdoor smoker drew us in from the street with the heavenly smell of BBQ meat. The overall feel of the restaurant was inviting and kept in line with the Route 66 theme. The food was delicious and it was gluten free friendly. The prices of the entrees were a little on the high side but that is to be expected in a touristy town. Be sure to check out the restrooms while you are there.

1450163_10151658741347890_569543574_n 1003510_10151658739547890_282450516_n 992806_10151658741887890_2007795095_n


In Williams will you enjoy the beauty of a mountainside town, Route 66, outdoor adventures to suit every need, a railway to get you to the Canyon in style, and a family friendly atmosphere. If you are ever in Arizona, I encourage you to stop in Williams. It will be an experience you never forget.

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Please join me next week as I guide through the Grand Canyon South Rim WITH KIDS!